Sunday, 26 June 2011

Daily painting #36

Raspberry Trio
5 x 7 inch oil

More Raspberries for today's painting. These Raspberries are from our garden, we have a fantastic crop of them again this year, some of them are huge, and they taste great, after painting them this afternoon we had stewed Raspberries with home made meringues and ice cream, lovely!
Coming up this week, more Cherries, Lemons and another Pear variety.


  1. This is beautiful! I'd love to know what kind of surface you are painting on? I'm just getting started in oils and I have no idea what kind of canvas or board I would like best. Your work is very inspiring!

  2. Hi Katherine, I use canvas boards, you can get them all over the place. You can use the boards as they are, but I prefer a smoother surface, so I sand the board a bit so there is not so much weave of the canvas, then apply 3 coats of white gesso, sanding between each coat.



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